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For 2011, the Italian Cortile, will have a new activity at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Mid-Atlantic
Sports Cars will be hosting the “Cortile Cup” which will be awarded to the most significant or
exciting Italian car on display during Saturday’s viewing. In addition to this award, Mid-Atlantic’s
Wayne Long has revealed that they will be awarding trophies for the best Alfa, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati,
Ferrari, Lamborghini and Italian specialty car.

The judging for these awards will be done by a panel of three, which will be anchored by Wayne Long,
Owner of Mid-Atlantic Sports Cars, and two other guest judges. One of the guest judges for 2011 will
be Steve Barney, retired Ferrari Club of America Concours judge, past owner of Ferrari, Alfa and
Lamborghini dealerships and current owner of Sport Auto in Greensboro, NC. The third judge will be
named at a date closer to the event. This will be a relaxed judging as the addition of awards is meant
to enhance the experience for the participants not add drama.

We would all like to thank Mid-Atlantic Sports Cars for adding this opportunity to the Italian Cortile!

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