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Proiettore Macchina 2014: Abarth

Each year the Cortile selects a marque or model to highlight for the annual event based upon factors such as historical significance, unique local interest, brand resurgence, etc.


The Proiettore Macchina concept was introduced in 2010, second year of the Cortile. Proiettore, in Italian, is the word for headlight. "Headlight" encapsulates our goal for Proiettore Macchina. We want to "enlighten" Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix attendees to unique and not often seen marques that have a rich and vibrant design or racing history.  

2014: Abarth as our Proiettore Macchina

The Fiat Abarth has been selected as our 2014 Proiettore Macchina.  The Abarth Race Drivers who visit the PVGP each year have been some of the most supportive of sharing their impeccable race cars wit the public on Saturdays's at the Cortile, so, in conduction with the race driver's, we're holding a bit of an Abarth Race reunion in 2014.

The name comes from Karl Abarth, who made a business of turning small cars into big performers and, later, a line of snarly, go-fast exhaust systems you could buy from catalogs.

Americans tend to pronounce the name "AY-barth," but Fiat says the correct pronunciation is "AH-bart," finishing with your tongue on the roof of your mouth as if interrupted before you could say the "h."

For more details on the History of Abarth click over to our Abarth Owner's Group page.

For a complete History of the Proiettore Macchina's from past years please take a look at the "Significant History" Tab located under our About Page.


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